Are Your Crow's Feet Adding Years To Your Appearance?

Here’s how to eliminate those crow’s feet and dark under eye circles, and reduce bags, puffiness and swelling naturally, using a new product made with a succulent blend of nourishing, hydrating, soothing and calming plant oils that’s USDA Certified Organic.

When you think of getting older and how it affects the way you look, your face is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Even if you’ve noticed puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet around your eyes, you probably didn’t stop to think of the impact they make on your appearance. But guess what? The first thing a person notices when they look at you are your eyes, they’re the most important part of your face and determine an important role on how young (or old) you look.


Eyes are a focal part of your face and youthful looking eyes help enhance your beauty and your personality. Your eyes captivate, they light up when you smile, and convey happiness and liveliness. Puffiness and dark under eye circles make you appear tired, and crow’s feet are unflattering crinkles and wrinkles that add years to your appearance. You have likely heard crow’s feet called “laugh lines”, but one thing’s for sure – if you have them you probably don’t find them funny, or attractive.


The vast majority of women will start to notice the appearance of fine lines at the outside corners of their eyes in their mid to late twenties.   As the years go by these fine lines turn to deep wrinkles and begin to increase dramatically, signs of puffiness, bags and dark under eye circles may appear, and they all can be exacerbated by sun exposure, menopause and smoking. Treating the delicate skin around the eyes of a woman past the age of forty to slow the signs of aging, versus a woman in her thirties, is undeniably much more challenging.


There are products on the market that claim to “conceal” or cover-up your crow’s feet, but they most likely contain harsh, dangerous chemicals that will do more damage than good to your skin and possibly your health. These types of products only prolong the problem and your crow’s feet will continue to increase. Then there is always the option of Botox, dermal fillers or plastic surgery, all are expensive and the results can be less than remarkable, and they put your eye sight at risk. To put it in better perspective, you would need to get Botox or dermal filler injections every 2-3 months at an average cost of $328, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, so you’d be spending a minimum of $1,300 a year and possibly more.

The side effects are serious and include blurred vision, decreased eyesight, eyelid swelling and dry eyes and allergic reaction. There’s also the chanced that your body’s immune system can develop antibodies to the medication which render it less effective, and the more frequent the drug is injected or the quantity that is injected, the higher risk for these antibodies to be formed against the drug.


With our 'Nourishing Eye Serum' (which is USDA certified organic, safe and gentle containing only the purest and highest quality of therapeutic grade essential oils), you can, over time, diminish and reduce crow’s feet, puffiness and dark under eye circles naturally. 

Our 'Nourishing Eye Serum' is far superior to other products including heavy creams, lotions and gels because the oils contain anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients in their purest form that penetrate the skin more deeply, promoting cellular turnover and repairing the skin to help diminish wrinkles for fast, visible long lasting results. Every ingredient is specifically chosen for its anti-aging, healing, moisturizing, rejuvenating and soothing properties to slow down the signs of aging without the use of unnecessary chemicals or toxins. It’s also wonderful for treating lines around the lip area.

Our customers are raving about 'Nourishing Eye Serum' and tell us it takes years off of their appearance, smooths out under eye wrinkles, and provides long lasting results. In fact, the serum is so gentle we hear from women with sensitive skin that it’s the only under eye treatment they can use that doesn’t irritate their eyes.

It’s highly effective whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, normal, or a combination, and was specifically formulated to treat and repair the delicate skin under and around the eyes. You can’t go wrong with 'Nourishing Eye Serum', it’s safe, gentle and effective and customers who have tried it love it. Just apply the serum twice a day, in the morning and evening, to the outer and under eye areas and around your lips and await its impactful results!