Exfoliate For a Younger, Firmer, and Smoother Complexion

Have you heard of the digestive enzymes in Papaya? Combine them with pineapple enzymes, bladderwrack extract (a form of brown seaweed) and other nutrient-rich ingredients and you've got an excellent enzyme exfoliation treatment from Bella Virtu Organics - our "Creamy Exfoliating Masque".

You need to exfoliate so you can get rid of dead skin cells and push fresh, new ones to the surface - to give you the radiant, glowing complexion you're looking for!

But you have to do it without using abrasive ingredients. Our creamy exfoliant is very gentle, safe enough for everyday use and is effective because the ingredients "digest" dead skin cells, making way for new skin cells to come to the surface. 

Apply the creamy masque' and let it sit for 5 minutes to work its magic while you shower or bathe, then rinse, tone and moisturize.  

It's that easy!