About Us

Hi, I'm Sylvia Lunsford, owner and founder of Bella Virtu Organics.  My lovely daughter, Lisa, is a licensed esthetician and assists me by providing her insights and skin care expertise to help create my beautiful formulas.

Like most women I am always looking at ways to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin.  This includes looking at ways to minimize the aging process in a healthy and natural way, alternatives to injections and plastic surgery.

The challenge for me had always been how to find high quality natural and organic skin care that was good for my skin, but also effective and would deliver fast and visible results.  Skin care lines that contain only natural and organic ingredients very often do not produce real visible results leaving women feeling that chemical skin care is the only answer.  Chemical skin care on the other hand filled with harsh and unnecessary ingredients, is so toxic to our bodies.

After spending eight years researching the beauty industry, and as an author, advisor, and educator on natural and organic skin care, I saw a gap that existed and needed to be filled.  My vision is to forge the gap between beauty and health.

Nature Meets Science For Unparalleled Anti-Aging Skin Care Results

I launched Bella Virtu Organics founded on the belief that nature and science can be combined to formulate the most effective and safest anti-aging skin care products possible.  Formulating a skin care line that is eco-friendly, embraces time-honored traditions while applying the wisdom of science, is my dream being launched.

Bella Virtu Organics was named after its straightforward, powerful mission:  “To create the most magnificent and luxurious skin-perfecting organic beauty products ever revealed”.

“Bella” means beautiful and is of Latin and Italian origin.  “Virtu” means excellence, the quality of being rare, beautiful and appealing, and is of Italian origin.  Bella Virtu Organics embraces the meaning of these words to reflect our sophisticated and luxurious skin care products that are unrivalled in the natural beauty world.

I researched the finest, purest and highest quality botanicals and sea minerals and vitamins across the globe, and combined them with the most advanced bioactive ingredients to formulate the ultimate and most luxurious skin care experience ever - with unrivalled results.

A star ingredient in many of our formulas is the rare and precious essential oil Helichrysum, commonly known as immortelle essential oil.  The word helichrysum is named after the golden yellow flowers of the plant, and comes from the Greek words helios meaning sun, and chrysos meaning gold.  The common name, immortelle (immortal), also comes from the flowers because they’re long lasting blossoms that do not wither easily.

This multifaceted oil has extremely powerful skin renewing benefits and is known throughout the world for its ability to support skin health at the cellular level, promote new cell growth after burns and sun damage, fight acne and blemishes and reduce inflammation which are major contributors to compromised skin and the aging process.  I believe this amazing essential oil is as powerful and the sun and as valuable as gold, and as one of the top performing healing oils in the entire world it made sense that it would be at the forefront of my skin care formularies.

The Bella Virtu Organics collection is handcrafted in the USA, made fresh to order using only the finest, nutrient-rich organic and certified organic ingredients of uncompromising purity and maximum efficacy, and carefully chosen and formulated to achieve skin-perfecting results.  The collection is beautifully preserved in dark amber recyclable and reusable glass bottles and plastic BPA-free jars, and filled from our private facility in micro-batches to ensure ultimate potency, purity and freshness.