Love Letters

Here's what we've heard from some of our highly satisfied, and very happy clients...

"Thank you so much!  I am absolutely loving the rejuvenating facial balm and moisturizing facial serum.  My skin feels different!  It is the best product I have ever used!  I am ready to throw out every single product and let everyone know!"   Anne-Marie Sheridan, Encino, CA

"I have to tell you a story.  Got a facial the other day from my "facial girl" and she, your skin looks so good and healthy what are you doing different?  No joke, after a couple weeks of using the products.  Mind you she was looking at my skin under a microscope too.  My skin used to break out every couple of weeks, but since I've been using the Facial Cleanser every day and the Correcting Masque twice a week, I haven't had a break out in 3 months.  I am in love with my Bella Virtu Organics!  Of course I told her about you. Thank you Sylvia Lunsford for introducing me to your amazing products.  Love them!"   Dana Hodgkinson, Arroyo Grande, CA
"I'm absolutely in LOVE with Bella Virtu Organics.  I purchased the cleanser, toner and eye serum and I use them all every morning and night.  The cleanser is one of my favorites, it smells amazing, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and does a fantastic job of removing my make-up.  Since I started using these products about a month ago, my skin has developed a glow that it never had before.  I have NEVER received results like this from any other product.  Truly amazing!"    Adriana Duron, Burbank, CA

"I used the same skincare products for over 10 years. I recently purchased your Bella Virtu Organics cleanser, toner, facial serum and eye serum. After using them for a few weeks I noticed a spot on the side of my face that had been bothering me started to disappear (it was red, scaly, itchy and painful).  Three months later after switching from my old products to using your products, the spot is completely gone. I was going to make an appointment with my dermatologist to have it looked at, but it kept shrinking and now it's completely disappeared. And my brown age spots (I'm 75), are getting lighter and lighter.  I'm so pleased, I truly love your products."    Nancy Carlson, Marietta, Georgia

"I have the entire Bella Virtu Organics product line, and the overall effect of all of the products is astounding!  They've definitely improved my skin tone and make my skin glow - I noticed the difference in just a day or two.  They feel clean and good going on.  I'm getting compliments every day, people are telling me they can tell the difference in my skin right away!"    Erin Burch, New York City, NY

"I tried Bella Virtu Organics facial cleanser, revitalizing toner, nourishing eye serum, décolleté serum, and the creamy exfoliating masque and correcting masque.  I was so impressed with all of these products, how refreshing they are and how smooth my face and skin felt after using them.  The nourishing eye serum is absolutely wonderful!  What can I say about all of the scents?  They actually calm me for a restful night's sleep.  What lovely smells from all your products!"    Maryanne Shelton, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I've tried all of the products in the Bella Virtu Organics skincare line and LOVE all of them.  The facial cleanser is gentle but works really well to remove my make-up and the impurities from my skin and leaves my face feeling smooth and soft.  The revitalizing toner really surprised me.  I had left the toner step out of my beauty regimen to cut costs for a long time because I didn't feel like I was getting much out of the products I had tried.  THIS TONER is so different - it not only smells amazing, I feel like it helps the serum really sink into my skin.  I love the moisturizing facial serum and how it makes my face look more fresh and dewy.  It's great that a little goes along way with this product, and even more so when I use it just before my toner has dried.  It absorbs very well and my face doesn't feel oily.  The nourishing eye serum is amazing.  My eye area is always my biggest concern because of those pesky fine lines and crow's feet.  After using this eye serum I have noticed the lines have diminished and the skin under my eyes is smooth.  The rejuvenating facial balm also surprised me.  When I first tried this balm I was worried it might break me out because it's a much thicker night cream than I had ever used before.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  It smells so good, I love the calming aromatherapy factor.  When I wake up in the morning my face definitely looks refreshed and more youthful and plumped up than it ever has before.  The décolleté serum is wonderful too.  The lines on my chest area softened within just a couple of days of using it.  I'm also using it on the top of my hands at night and it definitely gave them a younger looking appearance.  The creamy exfoliating masque is a nice and quick pick me up for my face.  It gently exfoliated and refreshed my face, and my skin is brighter with a really nice, radiant glow.  I'll admit I should use the correcting masque more often than I have because I noticed improvement in my skin immediately after using it.  My skin was radiant after I used this product it evened out my skin tone, my pores were pretty much invisible and my face is so smooth.  Thank you, I love these products!"    Deena Peak, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I love using Bella Virtu Organics nourishing eye serum and the moisturizing facial serum.  Right away my skin just drank it up.  The feeling it leaves is amazing.  Hydrated, smooth and plump.  I've been telling all of my girlfriends they just have to try it for themselves".    Andrea Sullenger, Salem, OR

“I thought using a facial serum would make my oily skin oilier, but that definitely was not the case. My skin felt hydrated but not at all oily, and it was as smooth as a baby’s butt, and it had a really nice glow all day, and after just a few days the dark spots on my face and neck were definitely getting lighter. I’m in love with this product!”    Gina Earley, Arroyo Grande, CA