The Power of Immortelle

When I heard about Immortelle Essential Oil I immediately fell in love with it. Immortelle, also known as Helichrysum, is a beautiful yellow flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region.  It is bright and cheery, delicate and yet very hardy, surviving in tough conditions, and always maintaining its color. Sounds like the best people I know! The essential oil that is distilled from this flower has been used since ancient Greek times for various healing properties including protection from infection, calming inflammation, wound healing, clearing up blemishes.  For more detailed information and links to research about this oil, visit our ingredient page here.

It is one of the most expensive essential oils, and so isn't used very often in commercial skincare. It is becoming more and more popular though, and I think we will see it popping up all over the place. I believe Bella Virtu has some of the most affordable options for skincare formulations with this amazing oil, and it is my intention to keep offering it across the product line in an accessible way for all to enjoy.