About Us

Bella Virtu Organics: Colorado Skin Care Company

Meet the Owner: Krystal Covington

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After relocating from a humid town near Lake Michigan to the dry mountain region of Colorado, I found skincare challenging. My skin had suddenly lost the humidity that made moisturization a breeze. I found myself battling constant bouts of flakes and dry patches. 

As a speaker regularly presenting to large groups, I needed to feel confident that I looked my best. I had a healthy glow on and off stage.

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I gave up store-bought products. I sought other options, such as those provided by independent sales representatives. No matter what I tried, I would continue to see dry areas on my face almost every week. 

Becoming educated on why oils are the best ingredients for dry skin and finding natural soap for dry skin changed the way I cared for my face and body.

Bella Virtu Organics has changed my dry skincare routine for good.

I’m so excited to bring this extraordinary product line to other women and men seeking skincare that actually replenishes their skin.

Our mission is to help people of all ages feel the glow of healthy skin. 

We don’t believe you need to be “fixed” or that wrinkles, sun spots, or aging skin is anything to be ashamed of. Taking care of your skin using healthy ingredients is a way to be your best self and to let the beauty you have on the inside be best represented on the outside.

Bella Virtu Organics Skincare product principles:

  1. We only use organic, clean ingredients. Explore our “never use” list to learn more.
  2. We will never put in an ingredient at a lower-than-helpful quantity just to use its name in our marketing.
  3. We reduce waste and Bella Virtu’s impact on the environment, avoiding plastic as much as we can.