About Us

Meet The Owner

Claire Powell is originally from England and now lives in Minnesota with her husband and two sons. After 25 years of working in corporations large and small, she is thrilled to be bringing you Bella Virtu Organics, organic skincare that works. She is passionate about using the brand as a way to share positive messages around beauty and aging with women and to connect women who believe that inner beauty is the most important kind. She believes that your beauty routine should be a moment of joy and self-love, not a damage-control regime.

In Her Words

I believe everything happens for a reason and the opportunity to own and grow Bella Virtu Organics was no different. After 25 years running consumer brands for companies large and small, I wanted to do something more personal, to create a business that would bring joy to people in an authentic, beautiful way. And then I was introduced to Bella Virtu Organics.

I fell in love with the Bella Virtu brand for two reasons:

1. The name is a combination of outer and inner beauty (bella means beautiful in Italian, virtu means virtue or inner beauty). I believe that a heart full of love and gratitude will shine out as true beauty on the outside.

2. The products are organic and clean as well as being effective. When I tried the two original products: the Antioxidant Eye Serum and Vitamin C Facial Serum, I just loved the scent, the feel on my skin, and how my face responded to the deep moisturization and healthy, nourishing ingredients. It felt good inside and out to be using them.

I believe that beauty is all around us and can be created and enjoyed every day by appreciating small moments of joy and nature’s gift of gorgeous sights and smells. This appreciation lifts our spirits and brings joy and connection to us all. Bella Virtu Organics products bring to life this combination of beauty, goodness, and nature.

All our products are developed and made in a boutique facility in Utah that has been developing and making organic, clean skincare for over 20 years. We only use certified organic or clean ingredients, and the products are hand made in small batches with meticulous care and rigorous standards. Every ingredient is purposefully chosen to deliver a benefit, not just be present for a fancy marketing name. The oils are all cold-pressed so that the nutrients remain active and potent.

Our principles:

- All our ingredients are organic and clean. See our “never use” list here.

- All the ingredients are included to offer a real benefit. We never put in an ingredient at a lower than useful quantity just to use its name in our marketing.

- The products are priced fairly based on the quality and quantity of effective, pure ingredients.

- Where possible we look to reduce waste and ecological impact. For example, we use glass bottles and avoid plastic wherever possible.

- We don’t believe you need to be “fixed” or that wrinkles, sunspots, or aging skin are anything to be ashamed of.

- Taking care of your skin using healthy ingredients is a way to be your best self and to let the beauty you have on the inside be best represented on the outside.

Our Mission

“to bring a moment of joy into your day”