About Us

Bella Virtu Organics: Empowering Beauty and Wellness from Colorado

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Welcome to Bella Virtu Organics. Nestled in the heart of Colorado, our brand is more than a collection of skincare products; it’s a manifestation of our commitment to natural beauty and wellness. Every product we craft is infused with the essence of empowerment, wellness, and authenticity.

Meet Krystal Covington, Bella Virtu's Leader

Bella Virtu Organics is proudly black and woman-owned, guided by the leadership of Krystal Covington. Krystal is not just the brain behind our brand; she's a mother of two, a loving wife since 2008, and a beacon of empowerment for women in business. Her journey, from leading Women of Denver to being a voice for women's business empowerment, mirrors the values that Bella Virtu Organics stands for.

Our Core: Authentic, Empowering, and Natural Skincare

Driven by a dissatisfaction with conventional skincare products, Krystal’s exploration led to the discovery of the power of oils and natural soaps. Bella Virtu Organics was born from this personal journey, dedicated to addressing the unique skincare needs of those battling dry skin with solutions rooted in nature. In 2022 Krystal met the original founder of Bella Virtu, and was invited to give the products a try for one week to see the difference. After one week, she was sold and knew she was ready to commit to leadership of this impactful product line. 

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Empowering Through Beauty: Our Mission and Vision

At Bella Virtu Organics, we believe in more than just skincare; we believe in empowering individuals. We celebrate natural beauty in all its forms and reject the notion of ‘fixing’ imperfections. Our mission is to encourage self-love and respect through products that are as nurturing as they are effective. 

Why Choose Bella Virtu Organics?

Choosing Bella Virtu Organics means supporting a brand that stands for more than just beauty. It's about supporting a black, woman-owned business, a family-centered entrepreneur, and a vision for a healthier, more radiant future. It's about being part of a movement that values natural beauty, authenticity, and community upliftment.

Join Us in Celebrating True Beauty

We invite you to explore the natural and empowering world of Bella Virtu Organics. Discover products crafted with love, science, and a deep understanding of what your skin truly needs. Join us in our mission to celebrate beauty, wellness, and empowerment.

For any inquiries or to share your journey with us, feel free to reach out. Let’s embrace the beauty of wellness together, one product at a time.