What Beauty Means To Me

Beauty isn't about a perfect face with perfect make-up. Beauty is about seeing the miracle of nature all around us and inside us. When I want to experience beauty personally I look closely at a flower or a leaf, or I google optical illusions (check this out the video below), or I read about the Fibonacci sequence (yes I'm a math geek and in some ways I think the way mathematics appears in the universe is the most beautiful thing of all). But you came here to read about skincare and how to be the most beautiful you. When it comes to our faces and what is beautiful, I believe it is healthy skin, skin that has been taken care of, nurtured, protected and nourished. Make-up as much as makes you feel good, but feel like you. If you can't smile, laugh, eat, drink, or relax because of how much make-up you have on it is too much. Beyond that, beauty is an honest smile that expresses real joy at seeing someone, eyes that show you are really listening, and a glow that comes from inner contentment.