Your Skincare Routine - A Moment Of Self-Care

I really believe the way you feel about doing something affects what it does for you. A lot of skincare and beauty advertising would have us believe that we need fixing and it is going to take work and money to do it. I know I'm far from perfect and have wrinkles and age spots and broken veins, and I certainly want to make the best of myself. I just think there is a way to do it that is nurturing and confidence building, and that having that mindset alone will create a self-fulfilling promise. Taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically is not selfish, it is a critical element of resilience. It is what enables us to keep going, keep giving, and be there for everyone around us. When we cleanse and moisturize our faces morning and evening can sometimes be the only moments of quiet and self-reflection that we have in our day. Let's enjoy those moments! We can use products that smell amazing and feel great, and that we enjoy using. Let's feel gratitude for being able to have these small luxuries, and let's feel good about ourselves for taking the time and effort to keep our skin healthy and make the best of nature's gifts to us.