Choosing Winter Skincare Products

Why You Need to Up Your Skincare Routine in Winter

How do you know when your skincare routine has grown stale? The solution might be as simple as switching out one product.

Winter air has dehydrating effects, and your skincare products need to be up to the task of keeping your face hydrated, smooth, and clear during the season's chilliest months. On top of that, many foundations contain drying ingredients, which causes them to crack more often in winter. If your skin is dry under your makeup products, it can create an uneven look on your face.

Hydrated skin is more likely to look smooth, soft, and dewy. Focusing on daily hydration can help your skin battle the elements while boosting your confidence.

What Happens When Skin Gets Dried Out

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and make your skin feel tight, itchy, and cracked. The leading cause of dry skin in winter is cold air. Cold air dries out the top layer of your skin and removes the natural oils which help keep skin moisturized. This is why winter skincare products are so important- they help hydrate and protect dry skin from the harshness of winter weather.

Allowing your skin to stay dry frequently can also contribute to long-term aging. Moisture allows our skin to bounce back and keep a natural glow.

Choosing a good skincare routine will depend on what you're looking for: whether you want a product that will help hydrate or one that will help protect against environmental aggressors like pollution or harsh winds, some people also prefer products with SPF protection. Whatever your needs, Bella Virtu Organics, our Colorado skincare company, has a product just for you!

Makeup can Dry Out Your Skin

Facial makeup may contain ingredients that will dry your skin, even water-based ones. Luckily, there are resources to minimize or prevent this from happening.

For starters, cleanse your face after every use of makeup products to clean off any residue and prepare it for the next application. Use a gentle cleanser like our Clary Sage Cleansing Oil or Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Bar to avoid harsh ingredients that can irritate skin and cause breakouts. After washing your face, apply Moisturizing Radiance Facial Serum as soon as possible to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated all day. Once or twice each week, you may also choose to use a facial mask that hydrates and exfoliates to remove dead skin. 

Choosing winter skincare products doesn't have to be complicated. Looking for high-quality premium oil-based products will provide you with the moisture you need.

Hydration Boosters

The skin comprises about 60% water, so your skin needs to stay hydrated. This can be incredibly challenging during the winter when the dryness due to cold weather, heaters, and central heating makes it difficult for your skin to lock in moisture.

The best way to hydrate your skin is with a daily moisturizer that contains natural oils like jojoba, which penetrate deep into your pores and help retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid also boosts hydration, as it holds 1000 times its weight in water and can attract moisture from the air around you. Alongside using hyaluronic acid serums, our Colorado skincare company offers to revitalize facial masks that provide intense hydration by delivering collagen peptides to deeply heal your skin.

Bella Virtu Organics Winter Care Products

Winter air is dry, and we must protect our skin proactively. Bella Virtu Organics has the best selection of products for winter skincare, with a range of vitamin C serums and oils that will help hydrate and protect the skin.

Deep penetrating facial serums are also essential because they will go deep into your pores and help remove any dirt or oil that can clog them and cause breakouts.

Oil-based cleansers are vital because they don't strip your skin of moisture as soaps do, and cleansing oils are perfect for removing makeup from a full face without leaving an oily residue behind.

Choosing winter skincare products is an investment you'll be happy you made!

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