Authenticity - Mastering Being You. By Angie Gerber
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Authenticity - Mastering Being You. By Angie Gerber

One of the COR.E Foundation Principles in iPECS coach training is We are each uniquely, and intrinsically perfect. Mastery resides in the free expression of our uniqueness.


Self Mastery: Mastering Being You is made up of three parts:

-By understanding that you have a unique gift to offer to the world, and that such an offering comes when you are truly authentic.

-By discovering or remembering what exactly is your truly authentic Self  

-By sharing who you are with the world, in a way that only you can.  


True happiness is found when you create your mark in this world by knowing yourself, accepting all aspects of yourself, and sharing your gifts in whatever you do. When you live at your highest potential the way only you can, and it works, you will experience a sense of joy, contribution, and purpose that will be hard to find elsewhere. 


What makes you unique?  Take a moment or two and truly self reflect on what makes you unique.  Then I encourage you to share your gift with someone you love ❤


Coach Angie