Intro to "New Year TRUE You" blog series

This time of year there is a lot of talk about New Years Resolutions and "New Year New You". These sound rather punishing to me - I don't want to resolve anything or change who I am! So this January I'm focusing on "New Year TRUE You" - finding ways to nurture and support personal growth and well being. These practices aren't self indulgent, they enable us to be resilient and have the strength to give to others and drive forward in our lives.


Every day in January I'll be publishing a short blog post with a tip for self care. Some will be well known that serve as a reminder, some might be new to you. I don't expect anyone to do all of these, but perhaps pick a few that resonate with you - give them a try and see if they fit your life. Check back each day starting January 1 to see them all.