There has been so much written about the benefits of meditation by people far more qualified than me that it is hard to know what to add here.  If you're interested in giving it a go and want to know more, there are some good books such as "Stress Less Accomplish More" by Emily Fletcher, or "Ten Percent Happier" by Dan Harris. I would also recommend using an app such as Headspace or Ten Percent Happier (my favorite). If you think that you can't empty your mind so you'd be no good at it, know that it isn't about emptying your mind, it is about noticing what is filling your mind. By becoming aware of our thoughts as things created by  our minds (that's what minds do), then we can choose whether to engage with them, or come up with some different thoughts that are more helpful (see day 9 "What's the story").

Whether all of this sounds interesting or a bit woo-woo for you, the physiological and psychological benefits of taking ten minutes a day just to be quiet, be away from social media or other distractions, to just be, are definitely worth a go.