Self-Love is NOT Selfish.  By Tammy Oswald
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Self-Love is NOT Selfish. By Tammy Oswald

How often have you found yourself feeling guilty over putting yourself first?  It can feel wrong or selfish, especially for women who are used to being caretakers or fixers who serve others. When we do that, we put our own needs on hold to take care of everyone else. After a while, it starts to get to us and can come up in other ways, like in our mental, emotional or physical health. We end up suffering until we are FORCED to deal with it. Self-care and self-love are not selfish, they are NECESSARY for us to be a balanced and healthy person. Then we can show up for others the way we want to, with a full cup and plenty more to give. How can you make yourself a priority today?


Tammy Oswald, Life & Wellness Coach