Smile Often

Smiling has been curtailed by the current pandemic. Many of us are not going into our usual places of work where we have the chance to smile at colleagues throughout the day; and when we're out and about we are wearing masks which hide any friendly smiles from each other.  While not the most pressing of the issues facing many during this very difficult time, I don't think the impact of the loss of this human connection point should be underestimated.

Today I encourage you to smile as often as possible. There doesn't need to be anyone to see it. Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at your pet if you have one, find something of beauty around you and smile at it. Smile at your kids, it will really get them wondering what is going on. Smiling is well known to boost your mood, and a happy glow on the inside comes through on the outside, and that is something worth spreading.