What's The Story?

We tell ourselves stories all the time. Often they're not true, and sometimes they're not helpful! Imagine telling a friend "She hasn't replied to your email/text, she really doesn't care about you, she probably things you're a total pain. You shouldn't have messaged her about that thing, she's probably really annoyed with you... etc etc". I expect you would never speak to a friend like that, but how often have these type of thoughts run through your head?

Talk to yourself as a friend, and when you find yourself telling stories in your mind about a situation, ask what might be a different story? What is the story you would tell a friend?  Changing the thoughts you are creating changes how you feel and how you behave.

This might seem a strange "tip" to have in a skincare/selfcare blog, but I sincerely believe the best beauty treatment is inner peace and this is one step towards that!