Win With Love

As I wrap up this series of 31 self-care blog posts, I find myself thinking it is all about love. We all know the powerful words "love others as you love yourself", I think it is important to think about the "love yourself" section of this. Not to be self-centered or self-indulgent, but to care for ourselves so we might have the capacity to be there for others. When we self-criticize or play back situations we wish we'd handled differently, or compare ourselves to others it is our ego talking. We're saying we should be better and do better than people around us, and an aggravated ego has a very loud voice. 

So treat yourself with the same love that you give to others, nurture your dreams and goals, give yourself physical and emotional care, be grateful for the small moments of joy in your life.  Then your cup of positivity and love can spill over to others and little by little create a big flood of goodness.