Worst Outcome Best Outcome

A major source of stress can be fearing what might go wrong, what bad things might happen in the future. The funny thing about fear is that it lessens when you sit with it.  If you have a niggling worry about a potential future event, it might not even be fully defined, ask yourself "what is the worst that can happen?". In many cases it turns out not to be worth the level of stress that it is producing. This question can be followed up with "how could I deal with that happening?" Building a plan of how you would cope with a worst case scenario can take its power away. 

It is important too to balance our sometimes fearful minds by asking "what is the best that can happen?", and how can I make that outcome more likely? Knowing that we can deal with the worst, and what the best upside might be, can make the path forward feel more hopeful and easier to tread.